Dr. William Bell Trower was born in Eastville Virginia, the son of  Robert Smith Trower and Henrietta Sarah Rowles Scherer Jan. 15, 1886 and died July 5, 1965.

William B. Trower had an older brother, Robert S. Trower Jr. , who graduated from U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis MD. and later, was a Civil Engineer in Virginia Beach. He had a younger brother named George and two sisters, Alice and Ellen.

Starting in 1913 he attended the Virginia Militia summer training at the State Rifle Range in Virginia Beach, later called State Military Reservation and then Camp Pendleton. He had three years in the National Guard before his draft registration. This letter from one of his comrads, R. Finley Gayle Jr. with photo shown here names all the members of the Medical Detachment and their status as of 1951. The two page letter is at auction in my ebay store blueprinter1995

1st Sergeant M.D. 1st Infantry William B. Trower, 9th from left.

Trower graduated from Medical College of Virginia in 1914 and was listed as 1st Sergeant in the Hospital Corps in the X-Ray MCV Yearbook.

Dr. William Bell Trower is on first row, 6th from left in this MCV class photo.

Trower was practicing medicine in association with Dr. George K. Vanderslice in Hampton VA / Phoebus as he listed in his 1917 WWI Draft Registration. Dr. George K. Vanderslice was married to a daughter of Harrison Phoebus, for whom the town Phoebus was named. Dr. Vanderslice lived on the same estate as Mr. Phoebus, Roseland Manor, but nearer to the Veterans Administration. Vanderslice`s office was located at the corner of Willard Ave. & Mellon St. in Phoebus. William Trower was getting hands on experience working with Dr. Vanerslice when he was called to serve our country.

Dr. Trower was drafted and sent to Ft. Hancock NJ in 1918 where he examined soldiers before they and he were shipped to France. Trower served in WWI as Surgeon, 1st Lt. in the M. C. 57th Coast Artillery Corps 3rd Battalion.

Above photo is a grouping of Dr. Trower’s Medical College of Virginia Class photo, Military Records, photo of him and a fellow soldier at 57th Coast Artillery M.C. first aid station and a photo of him in uniform, both taken in France. Lastly, his Red Cross bag. I had in my possession, Dr. Trower’s WWI stretcher and medic bag. All these items sold to a collector in North Carolina, who traveled to Richmond to buy them.

Close up of Dr. Trower and fellow soldier in a first aid field office, which looks to be the basement of a bombed out building with a ladder to climb out. Note the sign behind him which reads 57th Art. First Aid and the Red Cross flag flying in the background.

In a five page deposition regarding Pvt. Stanley Livengood`s Veterans Benefits application, Dr. Trower gives details of what Pvt. Stanley L. Livengood experienced in France during his assignment. Dr. Trower assigned Livengood and Louis Noland to work together at the guns in the Argonne in first aid. He tells of a dugout in Montfaucon, being at Epionville & Romagne. He recounts conditions, decisions he made as Lt., objectives of the Medical Corps. This deposition just sold at auction in my eBay store blueprinter1995 .

Deposition by Robert Starr Allyn in the Matter of Dr. W.B. Trower`s Application

Robert Starr Allyn Commander 57th CAC 3rd Bn gives a deposition for William B. Trower, 3rd Battalion Surgeon  in the matter of his application for WWI Veteran`s benefits. Robert S. Allyn describes the conditions they operated under, gas attacks, heavy artillery, rifle fire and Dr. Trower’s bravery despite the effect the harsh conditions. Robert Star Allyn, born in Connecticut, spent 13 1/2 years in the New York National Guard and was a Patent Lawyer before the War broke out.

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After WWI, Dr. Trower practiced medicine in Eastville and was a successful farmer, despite the nervous condition he was left with after exposure in WWI.

1930s sales form Dr. W.B. Trower , grower of strawberry plants Cape Charles, VA

He was a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary during WWII, did his part in Civil coastal watch operations. He was a member of the Cape Charles Fire Dept.

Dr. William B. Trower married when he was about 46 years of age to Alice Dunton. Alice was the daughter of Alex W. Dunton, who was a Surfman and later, Lighthouse Keeper at the Smith Island Va Life Saving Station.

1910 postcard from the former Smith Island Lighthouse Keeper G. D. Hitchens to Alice Dunton’s Father, Alex W. Dunton Smith Island L.S.S. via Townsend Va post office. Alice Dunton was a graduate of Duke University. Alice Dunton Trower was involved in many civic organizations. She was the chairman of the Northampton Branch of the Northampton-Accomack Memorial Hospital Aux. Dr. Trower and Alice had two daughters.

Dr. W. B. Trower was a great American who served his country and its people his entire life.

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Dr. W. B. Trower – WWI Unsung Hero of the Eastern Shore of VA

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